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Have you gotten caught up in the fuss over the new Automated Advertising “Bot”…

It’s a system to automate your advertising by getting more website traffic to the ads that are profitable for you…automatically.

This is actually pretty cool, so pay attention!

***What IS Automated Ads and what can it do?

It’s a site preloaded with banners for the different categories at ClickBank. You simply plug in your ClickBank ID, and the system generates banners all pointing to your affiliate link.

Once you have selected your category, size of  banner, and number of banners to rotate,  Automated Ads does the rest.

Banners are shown based on their performance which makes your campaigns more and more profitable over time.

Another really cool feature is Automated Ads will automatically test out new popular ClickBank products as they are added to ClickBank for you.

So once you set this up, you never have to worry about which offers are converting for you or not,  nor do you have to continually monitor what ClickBank has to offer. Affiliate marketing  couldn’t get any easier!

***How much does it cost?

Here’s the best part…right now it’s free.

The downside to the free application, however, is that you can’t rotate any of your own banners to your own sites, or banners to sites not currently  in the program.

The upside is that you can upgrade your account and have free reign at adding whatever banners you want. Plus, you’ll also get 4 other scripts  and software tools that allow you to automate your traffic, and ultimately your sales!

Anyway, you can check it out here:


Looks like a potential “game-changer” to me.

Depending on how this takes off, you may see it
down the road costing $47/month, so grab it for free
while you can.


Website Link Visit Link Here

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