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What is Marketing Plan Builder?

Marketing Plan Builder is a self completion template based system, rich in content, that gives users the knowledge, tools, structure and framework to write a comprehensive professional plan. The templates focus on the succinct content you should consider in the plan.

The system is based on a lifetime of practical experience in which countless plans have been developed by the author for a diverse range of product and service categories and from large businesses to small.

Build your plan in two steps

Step 1 – Purchase and study the eBook with sample marketing plan (166 pages pdf)
The eBook details the components of a marketing plan and explains elementary marketing principles and practices. It gives you the structure and content you should consider for inclusion in a marketing plan tailored to meet the needs of your specific business. A series of completed templates culminate in a complete sample marketing plan that you can use as a handy reference guide for the plan you will write with the free templates provided.

Step 2 – Write your plan in the FREE pre-formatted Microsoft ® Word™ templates (64 pages) downloaded from the link below. After studying the eBook and sample plan you will be ready to start writing your plan by ‘filling in the blanks’ in the templates supplied. At each template there are reminders of the applicable content. Reference keys are included to indicate which templates apply to your business class and the level of detail of the plan you intend to write.


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