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So you’ve decided you want to be an online entrepreneur, congratulations! The Online Entrepreneur Study Guide is a great place to start. Because you’ve come this far we could assume you know what an online entrepreneur is but just in case you don’t here is a quick definition and explanation.

An Internet (sic – Online) entrepreneur is an entrepreneur, an owner, founder or manager of an Internet based business undertaking who makes money through risk and/or initiative ( – Sept 2016)

A more general definition is: an online entrepreneur is someone who innovates online, creating something unique like a website, software, a blog, online store an App or one of the many different types of online or internet based income streams.

You could argue that many of these creations are not unique, like a blog for instance. However, I would counter that by saying that if the blog has niche content, relevant information, a strong and engaged audience then the owner of that blog is an online entrepreneur. Anyway, this is just one example.

Beginning your journey into Online Entrepreneurship you have to decide what you are going to create online. For many of you this is going to require a lot of research and reading.

This is why we created OEUNI.COM. We wanted to make a detailed directory of all the best and most up to date online resources that will have benefit to any Online Entrepreneur.

Love to hear your feedback on this site, we are always open to ideas!

Til next time!


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