So you’ve decided you want to be an online entrepreneur, congratulations! The Online Entrepreneur Study Guide is a great place to start. Because you’ve come this far we could assume you know what an online entrepreneur is but just in case you don’t here is a quick definition and explanation.

An Internet (sic – Online) entrepreneur is an entrepreneur, an owner, founder or manager of an Internet based business undertaking who makes money through risk and/or initiative ( – Sept 2016)

A more general definition is: an online entrepreneur is someone who innovates online, creating something unique like a website, software, a blog, online store an App or one of the many different types of online or internet based income streams.

You could argue that many of these creations are not unique, like a blog for instance. However, I would counter that by saying that if the blog has niche content, relevant information, a strong and engaged audience then the owner of that blog is an online entrepreneur. Anyway, this is just one example.

Beginning your journey into Online Entrepreneurship you have to decide what you are going to create online. For many of you this is going to require a lot of research and reading. This is why we created OEUNI.COM. We wanted to make a detailed directory of all the best and most up to date online resources that will have benefit to any Online Entrepreneur.

What’s your idea?

Do you want to start a blog, an online store or an affiliate website? 

Rather than list out a whole lot of options here we are going to give you the basics of what we believe you need to succeed on line in terms of technical and strategic knowledge and then you can easily seek out more information online or through reading our category course pages for specific areas.

A better word than idea for online businesses is niche. This is a term used everywhere online and with good reason. The internet has more than 1 billion websites. To get noticed, get cut through and establish any sort of presence online then you need to make sure that your offer is highly specific to your audience. There is a lot of information online about niche’s and niche marketing.

We’ve got a lot of information here:> If you have an idea already, great, the information below or at least many parts of it will benefit you in setting up and running your online business.


An online business needs a Domain Name and a Website!

Domain Names

A Domain Name is your link to the internet, it’s the address you will use online and it contains your website. It is a component of your URL or Universal Resource Locator. Many domain names are taken however there are still hundreds available and more being released every day. 

The form of a domain name is different depending on what you website is about and your location. The most common are: .com for global commercial sites .org for global organisations .net for global networks Plus a huge list depending on your location or the location where your website operates for example .uk for the United Kingdom for Australia.

There are also a large number of new Domain extensions which have been released over the past 2 years. This has opened up the internet to a large number of new pages.  An extensive list can be found here: We recommend using Go Daddy to search for and register your Domain Name. Click here to search and register.


Any online business needs at least one website. Websites are written in many different languages, PHP, HTML, Python, Ruby on Rails, C, C++ just to name a few. We like WordPress which is built in PHP and MySQL. WordPress is a free, open source CRM language. It’s easy to set up, there are loads of templates for just about any application and you can build just about anything with it. But don’t take our word for it, check out these stats: WordPress was used by more than 26.4% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2016. WordPress is the easiest and most popular blogging system in use on the Web, at more than 60 million websites. Find out more at When you register your domain name at GoDaddy you will see that there is an option to set up a website. If you’re ready you can do this and then install WordPress automatically. Most website hosts will have this feature. Some of the best for WordPress are:

  • GoDaddy
  • HostGator
  • BlueHost  

You can do heaps of reading online about WordPress and there are some great forums which may answer most of your questions. For a detailed training course with over 7 hours of content try this, CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW 


Getting traffic to your website

The biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity is getting traffic to your new online business, or put more simply customers to your website or online store. Just launching a website or online business is not enough, you need to tell people about it. Here are some basics:

  1. You need to submit your website to search engines and Google and Bing are a must. Click on the names to find out more.
  2. You need to understand how online advertising like Google AdWords works. We have details of courses available here
  3. Make sure you use Social Media pages to drive engagement and awareness with links back to your website.
  4. Start a blog, this always helps with rankings in search engines, just make sure the topics are relevant.

There is a lot of information online about this topic, this is a great article > CLICK HERE

Building a list of prospects or database

Once you have set up your website and you start building traffic you need to capture that traffic. These are you customers and potential customers and just like any business either online or offline they are crucial to your survival and for your ability to make money. You can capture these leads in a number of ways from a number of sources. The most simple is from a sign up form on your website. This can be achieved by using a plug in in WordPress, a pop up plug in from a third party provider or a link from an email provider like Mailchimp or AWeber. Other ways you can capture customer data are from the myriad of social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, depending on your business. To learn more check out our courses here>

Email Marketing

Once you have list of prospects or customer you need to start communicating with them. Technically this is not hard, the hard part comes when you try to work out what you are going to tell them. In most cases constantly trying to sell to your prospects will not work. You need to give them a reason to open your emails by giving them something of value. This might be a discounted offer, a new product or some information they need; or in fact a combinations of all of these. You also need to work out how often you are going to communicate with them.This will depend upon the type of business you have, the relevance of your information and a host of other factors.  All of these factors can be determined and adjusted by trial. Split testing between database groups, drip feeding information are just two techniques you can use.   You can find out more here:

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the new black for business! Yes, yes you’ve heard it l before, every business needs to be on social media and many are not. In the online world every business is on Social Media, full stop, why because they have to be, because that’s where their customers are.

The reason why some businesses fail with their social media is because they don’t use it properly. For example. If you’re a B2B financial services company then why would you have a Facebook page about your company? Well you wouldn’t but you might set up a community page about something you sponsor. However you should definitely have a LinkedIn page.

What it comes down to is relevance. Is your social media relevant, are your customers there? Are you telling them the right things? If in doubt ask your current or potential customers what they use and how they use it.

There is a lot of information online about this or our info and courses can be found here :>

Content Marketing

The content you use on your website or to promote your website is key. It is directly related to the number of potential sales and customers you have. Why? Well the information (or content) that your business distributes will have a direct effect on who reads it, who engages with it and ultimately who makes a purchase decision from it. Content is especially critical when promoting or marketing your business outside of your website or online store. The relevance of this material and the engagement it can build will have a direct effect on its ability to get customers from this content to your business, using links, referrals of other methods. This ability to build content can also impact on your search engine ranking by way of backlink building to your website or online store.  


Well we think this is enough to get you started. Going through the process and these different steps in establishing your online business will quickly build your knowledge. The different information you come across either at or on other sites across the internet will help you plan, start and grow your online business. Stay in touch by regularly reading our blog, signing up for our monthly newsletter or become a startup member and join the journey as we build our content.

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